Application to Install an Air Conditioner

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    Terms & Conditions:
    1. The applicant understands and acknowledges that all repairs and maintenance to the air-conditioner and associated fittings will be the sole responsibility of the Owner of the said Lot (as identified in this application).
    2. Any damage whatsoever that may occur to the common property or any surrounding Lot due to the installation of the air-conditioning unit will be the sole responsibility of the Lot owner to rectify any damage (any damage that has occurred must be rectified within 7 days).
    3. The applicant acknowledges that the air-conditioning unit will comply with all noise regulations as set by the local government. Should a breach of the noise by-laws occur, the applicant acknowledges that they may be requested to remove the air conditioning unit immediately at the applicant’s cost. The applicant agrees to adhere to any requests by the Body Corporate in regards to noise.
    4. The applicant is aware that the Body Corporate insurance does NOT cover the air-conditioning unit and that they will be responsible for their own insurance for the addition.
    5. The applicant agrees that all external piping, conduit, etc. will be colour coded to that of the entire building and as such, may need to seek advice from the Committee of the Body Corporate in this regard before the installation takes place.
    6. The applicant acknowledges that, in accordance with the Administration Agreement with Strata Sphere Management, the process of all applications for improvements incurs a processing fee of $75.00 per application.
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