Bank Account

  • Our body corporate managers open and maintain bank accounts
  • Manage Administrative and Sinking Funds of the Body corporate
  • Seek instructions from the Committee regarding Term Deposits and investments and carry out instructions accordingly

Financial Statements

  • Prepare Quarterly accrued Financial Statements for the Committee (or as required)
  • Prepare Year End Financial Statements for presentation at the Budget Committee Meeting


  • Prepare a draft Administrative Fund Budget for consideration by the Committee
  • Refer to the Sinking Fund Forecast Report and supply the Committee with the necessary information to consider a Sinking Fund Budget and review planned expenditure
  • Deal with all correspondence and communication from Owners regarding the preparation and adoption of Administrative Fund and Sinking Fund Budgets
FINANCIAL SERVICES StrataSphere - Gold Coast Qld

Bank Reconciliations

  • Conduct daily Bank Reconciliations

Body Corporate Levies

  • Prepare and issue levy notices to all owners in accordance with the minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • Receipt and bank levies
  • Issue 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reminder Notices to recover levies in arrears
  • Seek instructions from the Committee regarding debt collection and issue instructions to an appropriate debt collection officer if required (note: all debt collection costs are initially paid for by the body corporate and then recovered from the lot owner in arrears)
  • Deal with all levy queries and communications with lot owners

Accounts Payable

  • Receive, process and pay invoices and accounts on behalf of the body corporate
  • Seek authorisation of invoices where instructed by the Committee
  • Deal with all correspondence and communication from the body corporate and individual contractors (if required) in regards to the payment of accounts


Our office continues to monitor statutory declarations from various levels of government in response to Covid-19. In these uncertain times, it is important to us to protect our team and our valued clients and colleagues. In response to the spread of new variants of the coronavirus within the community, we advise our valued clients and colleagues that Strata Sphere Management remains open for business in a modified capacity.

Our team and our clients are not immune from the possibility of unwittingly contracting this virus and it is important for all stakeholders to be protected to the largest extent possible. Therefore we are taking the step of closing our office to visitors until 24 January, 2022. We trust that our clients and colleagues, who we consider to be an extended part of our work family, will understand that it is necessary for our team to be protected in order that we can continue delivering an exceptional and confident body corporate management experience.