StrataSphere is one of
Queensland’s leading body
corporate management firms

StrataSphere is one of
Queensland’s leading body
corporate management firms

StrataSphere is one of
Queensland’s leading body
corporate management firms

StrataSphere is one of
Queensland’s leading body
corporate management firms

We offer service standard guarantees to ensure delivery of our clients’ expecations.


StrataSphere Managment

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Strata Sphere Body Corporate Management Was Established In 2008

With These Simple But Constantly Relevant Principles



Without compromise, we act with sincerity and fairness in everything we do.

Client Focused Solutions

We make responsible suggestions based on our professional knowledge and standards.

Collaborative Partnerships

We stand as one team, working together with communities to achieve success.


We build respect through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We challenge the status quo with open minds, empathy, and focus.


We embrace new ideas, technology and lead by example.
Call 07 5591 6849 or email manager@stratasphere.com.au to start the conversation or find a form below to help.


Below are easy to use forms which can be downloaded and emailed back to our office for action. We prioritise fast, easy, and seamless strata management services. Leveraging technology and industry leading software, we have built our reputation on simplifying a traditionally complex market so you can enjoy the process of managing a major investment.


If you have any questions about the forms below, contact our trusted Gold Coast strata manager or consultancy representative and we will get back to you with an actionable solution within 24-hours.


Impressed? That’s just one of the ways we maintain strong relationships between our clients, strata managers, and industry stakeholders alike.

Application for Improvements to your Lot

Application for an item to be discussed at a committee meeting

Application for Maintenance

Application for Non-Vehicular Items Stored in Car Space

Application to Install an Air Conditioner

Application to keep a pet

Change of Details

Contact Details Form – owner and tenant

Search Request Fee Form

Application for Improvements to Common Property

Why Work With Us

We appreciate the changing dynamics of the Australian property market and want to help you meet your compliance and regulatory needs. By delegating your Gold Coast body corporate administration to an expert team with significant experience in strata management services in the local market, your investment is well positioned to become an excellent addition to your property portfolio.


Dedicated to streamlining the body corporate services needed by any one property investor, we have streamlined our in-house offering to be an all-in-one solution for our clients.


Which means that the Strata Sphere team has the expertise and experience needed to fully service every one of our clients.


Committed to delivering outstanding service with integrity, dedication, and through simple solutions, we’ve reimagined the strata management model to become a pioneer in the property management market.


The Strata Sphere team combines many years of experience with a pioneering ambition to exceed sector expectations.


During our online committee meeting last week, I mentioned to Kassie how impressed I have been with her work for our strata. I thought I should actually Pass on to you just how much I appreciate her professional approach and the amount of work that she puts into the management of our scheme. Over the last 20+ years I've lived in a number of units, served on a number of committees and dealt with a number of strata managers. Kassie stands out from all of them with her work ethic, competence and knowledge. Kassie is pro-active, always responds to emails and phone calls quickly and has a good knowledge of strata management generally and the issues in our building. I am sure she is recognised as a valued member of your team, but I just wanted to reiterate how good Kassie is at her job and that her performance reflects brilliantly on your business.

Brian Hucker

BC Chair The Groves
We own a few properties and over the years have gained an understanding of how we need our body corporate managers to perform. I'm a fairly hands on owner and retired engineer so I have a grasp of most things mechanical but body corp legal and government regulatory issues I leave to the experts Some BC managers we have used have been keen, others not so. One who thought they were working for the builder and didn't relate to the owners issues at all and even one who had no idea how to organise a meeting. There are many BC firms to choose from and a referral is a good way to at least know which questions to ask After some diligence I found Strata Sphere 6 years ago and was immediately impressed by the owner and friendly staff who knew precisely what needed to be done and how to achieve the outcomes needed. A breath of fresh air. Accurate and timely reports, excellent communications and prompt action taken when needed. Really all we need. Strata Sphere are now our body corporate managers of choice for two of the properties we have interests in.

Wade Warren

CEO, Warren IT
Strata Sphere has done a fantastic job in taking over our Body Corp and have been diligent in their processes. We cannot thank your team enough.

Guy Hawkins

CEO, Hawkins Law
Thanks very much to Kassie and the team at Strata Sphere for getting all our forms and paperwork sorted out properly. We couldn't be happier with your Body Corporate Team

Trisha Beard

Recommended by a friend and I must thank strata sphere for the positive influence they have had on our complex.

Jamie smyth

Super appreciative of advice and support given by stratasphere throughout a rough time with my buildings committe. Happy 2 recommend 2 others

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Do you have any questions? Need help taking charge of your Body Corporate? Contact us today and let our experienced Strata Sphere Team get to work.