Consultation with all stakeholders from initial planning to delivery of the registered scheme is key to the success of a body corporate from registration of the plan.


In order to facilitate this delivery, our body corporate managers work with the developer from initial conception and encourage meetings with all stakeholders to determine best practice outcomes including but not limited to the following –


  • Advise on titling options
  • Arrange consultants where required and attend project meetings
  • Review all plans to ensure that initial budgets are realistic and meet market expectations
  • Prepare initial administrative fund and sinking fund budgets
  • Arrange indicative premium estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Prepare contribution and interest schedule lot entitlements for lots in the scheme
  • Advise on by-laws for the scheme that include best practice by-laws relevant to the development
  • Obtain fee proposals from appropriate industry professionals to prepare a Replacement Valuation for insurance purposes and a Sinking Fund Forecast, required to be delivered to the new body corporate by the developer

Post Registration

  • Arrange for placement of strata insurance as required by legislation on behalf of the developer
  • Convene and attend the First Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Establish all books and records required by legislation on behalf of the developer
  • Establish and operate bank accounts in the name of the body corporate
  • Prepare certificates for settlement of the sale of lots
  • Provide ongoing management with a solutions-based philosophy


Our office continues to monitor statutory declarations from various levels of government in response to Covid-19. In these uncertain times, it is important to us to protect our team and our valued clients and colleagues. In response to the spread of new variants of the coronavirus within the community, we advise our valued clients and colleagues that Strata Sphere Management remains open for business in a modified capacity.

Our team and our clients are not immune from the possibility of unwittingly contracting this virus and it is important for all stakeholders to be protected to the largest extent possible. Therefore we are taking the step of closing our office to visitors until 24 January, 2022. We trust that our clients and colleagues, who we consider to be an extended part of our work family, will understand that it is necessary for our team to be protected in order that we can continue delivering an exceptional and confident body corporate management experience.