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      Terms & Conditions:
      IF approval is granted by the Body Corporate, it will be subject to the applicable by-laws and also the following minimum conditions being adhered to:
      1. Consent shall only apply to the current pet and no other replacement
      2. The pet shall not roam from the Lot
      3. The pet must be carried or kept restrained in an enclosed animal carrier (including a carrier with wheels), when it is upon Common Property.
      4. The Owner shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to the Common Property or the property of owners’ Lots caused by the pet.
      5. The pet must be kept clean, quiet and controlled at all times.
      6. The pet shall not be allowed in the recreational areas and Exclusive Use areas.
      7. Any fouling by the animal on Common Property or the Lot must be cleaned immediately by ensuring that any waste is double bagged.
      8. The pet will be registered with the local Council and registration details provided to the Body Corporate.
      9. The pet must be desexed and vaccinated where relevant certification showing this must be provided to the Body Corporate.
      10. The pet must be microchipped and an identification form provided to the Body Corporate.
      11. The pet must at all times wear an identification tag which includes the animal’s name, the pet owner’s best contact number and Lot number. Further, the animal must at all times wear the local Council tag.
      12. The pet owner indemnifies the Body Corporate from all claims arising out of the animal being kept in the Lot or upon Common Property.
      13. The pet owner must ensure that the pet complies with all local laws and regulations applicable to the animal.
      14. The animal must not cause a disturbance or nuisance that interferes with the use and enjoyment of a Lot or Common Property by other occupiers.
      15. The applicant acknowledges that, in accordance with the Administration Agreement with Strata Sphere Management, the process of all applications incurs a processing fee of $75.00 per application.
      If the animal causes damage to the common property or death or injury to any other animal (including local wildlife) on the common property or causes noise or nuisance to any other occupier or person lawfully using common property, the Body Corporate reserves the right to withdraw the approval and require that the animal be removed immediately from the Scheme land. The Body Corporate in its sole discretion will determine what constitutes damage, noise or nuisance.
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